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Since 2004 one of the priorities of Kimitec Group is to be involved in Organic Agriculture. For this purpose we set up The Organic Farming Division, where we have developed a wide range of products certified for Organic Agriculture by different institutions. This Organic Line is constantly updated, extended and improved, taking care about sustainability and environment.

Research, Development and Innovation

We take advantage of our location, very close to the main Organic crops, by:
To be present in major crop producing areas Organic / Green, we have the possibility of adding:
1 .- Technical departments of all our distributors and customers (more than 130 international technicians) and Spanish technicians of our clients transfer many of their their needs, concerns, etc ....
2 .- Research Centers (Universities, Technology Centers, etc ...).
3 .- Our experience and knowledge of the needs of organic agriculture.

All these factors are crucial to ensure that our continuous research will lead to effective solutions for different needs in today’s organic agriculture.

Also during 2011 summer Kimitec Group will launch a new line of organic pest and disease control, taking ideas, knowledge and solutions used in many different production areas. With this new line we will offer definitive solutions and cover all needs of organic producers.
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